For meaningful moments

Our hand-crafted jewellery is brought to life in the world's northernmost jewellery factory in Kuopio, Finland where we give a new shape and story to recycled precious metals. We are right there with you to experience life’s meaningful moments, memories and feelings, both big and small. Our jewellery touches, adorns and enchants your skin, your heart and your life.

Our Story


Our story begins with Saurum Ltd., one of the oldest jewellery factories in Finland with almost 80 years of history in the precious metals industry. Harnessing Saurum's long history and strong expertise in the jewellery industry, the Lumoava brand was founded in October 2008.
Our adventure was sparked by the desire to do something new and different. At the heart of everything was combining high-quality jewellery design with the importance of jewellery in the meaningful moments in life. Our designers Heikki Hartikainen and Eelis Aleksi have been part of our story since the beginning, and Eelis Aleksi even came up with the Lumoava name. The name immediately resonated with us because it encapsulates everything that we believe is important: the beauty of jewellery and the world around us, the relevance of all moments in life, caring about each other and the importance of working together.
Today, the Lumoava family is a community of passionate designers, jewellers and jewellery professionals. Our extensive collection is an aesthetic result of the personal views of our eleven designers and the way we see the world around us, as well as the uniqueness of our emotions. A wondrous freedom in design has created the shapes, emotions, textures and beauty of the impressive Lumoava collection – meaningful jewellery that becomes one with its wearer. The sketches of our designers come to life at the talented hands of our goldsmiths through a precise and delicate process. Innovation and a culture of continuous development, combined with extensive jewellery expertise and the latest technologies, enable our high-quality and versatile collection of silver and gold jewellery and home products to become treasured timeless classics.



Eco-friendliness is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about jewellery. However, our high-quality silver and gold jewellery is ecological in many ways – the timeless designs and superior quality ensure our pieces can last throughout generations to become family heirlooms. In addition, gold and silver are completely recyclable materials, and most of our precious metal materials have been given a new life from someone’s beloved jewellery or even a silver dessert spoon.
As a manufacturer, we are committed to operating as environmentally friendly as possible also in our own operations. We recycle everything from packaging materials to coffee cups. We process the gypsum material we use in the factory ourselves and send the chemicals to professionals for further processing. The surface treatment department of our factory has a circulating water system in which the water used for rinsing circulates and is cleaned in our ion treatment plant. Our equipment is also cooled by a closed water circuit and there is a system to harness the heat energy in our factory’s ventilation. These are just a few ways we have tried to ensure that the footprint on our beautiful surrounding nature is as small as possible.


93% of the silver in our silver jewellery and 99%of the gold in our gold jewellery is recycled.
we recover all the so-called “waste” in our manufacturing process, even collecting the precious metal dust that is generated and sending it to be cleaned so it can be reused.
the diamonds we use are purchased from a Finnish broker, a specialist who guarantees that the supply chain is reliable from the beginning.
the jewellery fastenings, earring hooks and other parts that we do not manufacture ourselves come from responsible domestic and European suppliers.


Saurum Osakeyhtiö has a long history as a manufacturer of high-quality precious metal products. The company's actions are guided by honesty, openness and uncompromising professionalism. Saurum Osakeyhtiö has been strongly involved in creating Finnish jewellery culture since 1942.
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