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Heikki Hartikainen

Warmth, power, passion
Love, peace, brighter hearts
Remember the most important,
give a warm hug

The idea for Hug started with a heart shape, but the goal was to do this in a brand-new way. Heikki began designing by first drawing a regular heart shape on a piece of paper and then gradually transformed it from the traditional shape into something more special. This was the start of Hug where hearts join together as if in an embrace, with two people wrapping their arms around each other.

In 2014, when Hug was about to be launched, the project for collecting funds for the New Children’s Hospital was ongoing in Finland, and we wanted to support the new hospital with our Hug collection. For each piece in the collection sold, we donated five euros to the cause. In total, we were able to raise an impressive EUR 108,720.

The Hug range includes a variety of designs and sizes, and is suitable for everyone young and old. Hug is the perfect gift for anyone you care about.

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