Inni Pärnänen

Inni Pärnänen is a Master of Art with an extensive career as a jewellery designer and artist. In Inni’s work, the selected materials serve as both inspiration and a source of exploration guiding a seemingly arbitrary working process. Work in itself is the path guiding which way to proceed. Curiosity, experimentation and insight produce designs that stand the test of time, and in which stackable, interweaving and functional features support one another.

"I am often excited about some structure through which I can study, for example, stackability or linkability, natural materials also play a significant role in my work. Inspiration can be based on new technology applications or traditional technology or inspiring material. Material choices are part of an intuitive process based on experimentation, insight, and extensive knowledge of materials. There may be a lot of randomness in the work process, but what matters is how the form of the work ultimately serves its content. It is interesting to see what happens when the material or scale of the work changes and whether the same structure works, for example, in jewelery and a wall-sized space work. The work progresses with the use of materials and handicrafts are also an important part of the implementation. Curiosity is a good partner as the process progresses." - Inni Pärnänen


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