Heikki Hartikainen

Heikki Hartikainen is one of Lumoava’s most long-term designers, as he created the brand together with Eelis Aleksi. Heikki’s clean lines and timeless design language are among the key elements of his designs, together with practical aspects. According to Heikki, Lumoava creates future classics with big emotion. He is enthusiastic about experimenting with different ideas and manufacturing methods.

Heikki Hartikainen received the Goldsmith of the Year award in 2015. The recognition was based on his long-standing and committed work for the same company and his successful product development work at Lumoava. The Finnish Goldsmith Association has been granting the Goldsmith of the Year award since 1987.

"I like simplified design and clear choices. I think timeless design is made up of these elements. You do creative work all the time and often then the hardest part is the choices you have to make between two or more ideas." - Heikki Hartikainen


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