Carina Blomqvist

Carina Blomqvist brings a fresh and feminine vibe to Lumoava. A lover of all things aesthetic, she is known for her ornamental jewellery inspired by nature and beauty. The jewellery designed by Carina radiate a fairy-tale-like charm, fantasy and romance.

Carina Blomqvist received the Goldsmith of the Year award in 2012. Carina’s personality was sure to affect this recognition, as she is known in the industry as an open, genuine and helpful person with a contagious, encouraging attitude and an unwavering style that differs from today’s Nordic, minimalistic design in its abundance and elaborateness. The Finnish Goldsmith Association has been granting the Goldsmith of the Year award since 1987.

Carina's tip for living with jewelry: "Feel free to wear silver jewelry in everyday life too! Jewelry can be part of the whole every day"


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