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Eelis Aleksi

the light and colours thinning
Dusk to dawn, to victory I rise upon

Shadow is designed by our designer Eelis Aleksi and it is inspired by dried trees, old branches and prickly plants. The jewelery is surrounded by rough tree branches, which tell us that after the winter, even the bare dry branches start to turn green when summer comes and grow green leaves. We each have light and shadows in our lives, and that’s what makes us all unique. Indeed, jewelry depicts how we cope through better through hardship and how the moments of shadow we experience make us stronger.

Rough Shadow is a piece of jewelry for everyday use. The jewelry set is suitable as a gift for him, to whom you want to tell how proud you are of his achievements and that you are supportive of what ever life brings.

When you look closely at the Shadow, you can see a cross in the middle of the jewelry. Eelis Aleksi didn’t plan to make a cross jewelry at first, but eventually the shape of the cross found its way into the jewelry by chance as he sketched the jewelry on paper. The jewelry is also suitable as a pendant gift for someone who does not want an obvious cross jewelry.

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