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Carina Blomqvist

Deep under the quiet canopy
a kingdom of wisdom
Nested on great paws
mighty, yet gentle

Carina Blomqvist got the inspiration for Bruin when she was visiting the Posio region in Lapland. The rough and beautiful nature of Lapland, its reindeer and bears trotting in the heart of the forest gave inspiration to the Bruin collection. A gentle bear, inhabiting the same forest as the wise owl of the Fantasia collection, is the main character of the Bruin collection. Together, the creatures take care of the other inhabitants of the forest and keep the forest safe.

The Bruin collection includes pieces to satisfy those who love eye-catching show pieces as well as those who would rather opt out for something more subtle. Whichever the case, the wearers of the collection probably share a love of nature.

Bruin made its way into our collection in 2017 and immediately found its place in many people’s hearts.

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