Lumoava’s necklaces and pendants delight people of all ages. Our pieces range from romantic designs to classic beauty, and from modern simplicity to rustic earthiness. Our range includes minimalistic and delicate pendants for everyday use, more festive pieces for daily life and special occasions, and eye-catching necklaces for unforgettable moments.

Our collections also include larger and less polished looking pendants that are typically more to men’s tastes. In facts, some of our pieces have been designed specifically with men in mind as far less high-quality jewellery has traditionally been available for men.

The necklaces and pendants are available in silver and gold. Our silver jewellery is made of sterling silver, and our bright pieces are rhodium-plated to prevent discolouration. Meanwhile, some of the necklaces and pendants are intentionally oxidized to create a darker colour, and some of our designs are also available with red and yellow gold plating. With many of our designs aimed at men, you get to choose whether you would like the pendant in a silver chain or a leather strap. In many of our collections, the pendants are available in different sizes and with different chain lengths.

Take your time getting to know our necklace range and don’t hesitate to ask us if there is anything on your mind!