For many people, their wedding ring is the most important piece of jewellery they will ever wear. This makes selecting the right one a careful process. Which of the rings feels like it was made for you from the moment you slip in on your finger? Our wedding ring range includes classically beautiful, modern and streamlined, and freshly individual rings. You are sure to find the right one for you from among them.

At the moment we sell our wedding rings only through our retailers in Finland. All of our wedding rings are available in both yellow and white gold, and some of the designs are also available in delicate hues of rose gold. Some of the collections offer versions of the same ring with and without diamonds. This means that if one of you would like their ring to have some sparkle and the other would not, you can still both have rings from the same collection. The gold we use in our rings is 100% recycled.

History of the wedding ring

Wedding rings have been worn since the ancient times: it is known that the ancient Romans already wore rings to symbolise a union between two people. In the middle ages, this custom was adopted by Christians, although at that point rings were worn to signify engagement.

Over the centuries, wedding rings have been worn in many different ways. They were originally only worn by women, and the custom of men wearing a wedding rings is a later invention. In the past, rings have even been borrowed only for the duration of the wedding ceremony. A wedding ring made of tree bark is a strong feature in Finnish national romanticism. This ring may have been used as both an engagement and wedding ring. Other materials used in wedding rings over the years have included gold and silver as well as iron, brass and copper.

The ring has formed as a symbol of eternal love because it has no beginning nor ending