The Hug Campaign

We are all mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles or godparents. We have genuine concern for our little ones and all share a deep desire to do what we can to help. We excel at creating something beautiful by hand, and wish to use this ability to contribute to something that matters. Because of all this, becoming involved in supporting the New Children’s Hospital was an easy decision to make for us.

In the spring of 2014, we started supporting the New Children’s Hospital project with the Hug jewellery collection designed by Heikki Hartikainen. For each piece in the Hug collection sold, five euros were donated to the hospital project. In total, we were able to raise an impressive EUR 108,720.

Hug was designed by Heikki with warmth and love. Hug is a beautiful and timeless heart-shaped jewel that stands out. Hug transmits a message of caring – after all, everyone of us is worth a hug.

season jewel


We also had the honour of being involved in the Lohdunkantaja (‘Comfort Carrier’) project supporting the New Children’s Hospital 2017. The Lohdunkantaja range is a jewellery collection designed by Katja Snäll and Piia Hoffsten, both mothers of little children. The proceeds from the sales of the designs will be donated in full for the New Children’s Hospital. The design was inspired by a passion for working together to create something that matters, a desire to help and be a part of a greater whole.

Heikki Hartikainen, one of Lumoava’s designers, had the pleasure of being involved in creating prototypes and getting the jewellery ready for production. This collaboration came naturally, as Heikki is also responsible for designer partnerships and the development of product range at Lumoava. The Lohdunkantaja pieces are manufactured here in Kuopio, Finland, at the same jewellery factory as all Lumoava’s designs.

In the Lohdunkantaja project, we helped raise EUR 66,000 for the New Children’s Hospital 2017 project. A huge thank you for everyone involved!

season jewel

Joy & the Hope organization

We launched the first Lumoava Christmas ornament for Christmas season 2015, and this tradition was continued in the following year with Joy, a delightful design by Eelis Aleksi.

Joy brings hope and reminds us of the most important message of Christmas: caring. The Joy range was later expanded to include jewellery. We used the profits from the sales of the Joy range to support the recreational activities of children and young people in low-income families together with Hope, a volunteer organisation for disadvantaged families with children.  This cooperation continued until the end of 2018.

Hope is a volunteer organisation that works for the common good. The aim of the organisation is to provide more equal opportunities for good everyday life for children in Finland. Hope makes concrete clothing and goods donations for families that have low incomes or have encountered a crisis, and provides financial support for the recreational activities of children and young people.

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