The first products of our new collections for the spring 2020 are beautiful jewellery for Valentine's Day and cross pendants as confirmation gifts. Serenadi, designed by PauliinaK, brings us beautiful moon themed jewellery, the first of which is a little crescent moon-shaped pendant. The rest of the collection will be released later in the spring. Also, the heart-shaped jewellery of the Delicate collection by Carina Blomqvist was added a small heart-shaped pendant. Our cross necklace selection got new additions as well: a cross necklace by Heikki Hartikainen and a silver and golden necklace by Kristian Saarikorpi. Kristian’s necklaces are new additions to his existing Precious collection and Heikki’s necklace will be part of his new collection called Furrow, that will be released fully later in the spring.

The new collections for the autumn 2019 take us to a journey to admire the universe and its greatest power, love. The jewellery takes us by the sea and its ebb and flow towards the stars that guide us on our journey.

Universe by Kristian Saarikorpi has been inspired by the universe itself, and Love by Katri Niskanen has been inspired by its greatest power, love. Ebb by Päivi Keski-Pomppu repeats the shape of arbitrary design magnificently, and Primus by Eelis-Aleksi is a stylish men’s jewellery collection for the forerunners. Some of the collections also include red and yellow gilded jewellery that are already available for order, but the deliveries will start on the week 48.

The older collections also got some new additions. The lovely pieces of Bead designed by Heikki Hartikainen were added golden versions of the earrings and smaller pedants, and Delicate by Carina Blomqvist was enhanced by heart shaped pieces. A long-lasting favourite Nefer was added a smaller pedant in both silver and gold, and golden earrings. We also added a gold pedant and earrings to Ripple by Heikki Hartikainen, and the enchanting Euphoria by Inni Pärnänen was added golden pedant and earrings with diamonds.

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