As a Lumoava Lounge member you will collect Lounge Points from every purchase made in our online store (only orders made on Lumoava online store at You can use the points to get special Lounge Point Products. You will also receive points when you share your experiences and your own story behind the Lumoava jewellery you have purchased – what does the piece mean to you? You can share your experience through the “Share your experience” form on the product page. Please note, that in order get the points, you have to be logged in to the Lounge when making a purchase and sharing your experience.

Collecting Lumoava Lounge Points

As a Lounge member you will receive one point for every one euro you spend. For instance, when your order is worth 89 euros, you will receive 89 Lounge points.

Sharing experiences and stories will grow your point balance the following way:

–          5 points for a completed and submitted form

–          5 points for a story published outside the Lumoava online store, such as Facebook. Please note, that by submitting the form you will give Lumoava the right to use your story on different medias.

You can see your total point balance on your Lounge page under the “Points” section. Lumoava has the right to correct your point balance, for example, when you return products.