You have the right to return or exchange products within 14 days since receiving your order. Please note that our exchange and return policy does not apply to products marked as a special-order product, engraved or laser-cut products, or products modified based on a special request.

Before exchanging or returning a product, please contact our customer service at lumoavashop@lumoava.fi or +358 40 304 0226. No additional charges will be made to you as a result of the return.

If the product you have received is defective or has been damaged during shipment, please contact the customer services of Lumoava Online Shop. Lumoava Online Shop’s primarily aim is to replace defective products with new ones. However, if this is not possible, Lumoava Online Shop will refund the Customer’s payment. The refund will be made after the item has been returned and the defect has been verified.

You are entitled to return products if:
• you have cancelled the order in accordance with these order and delivery terms and conditions by contacting the customer services of Lumoava Shop (lumoavashop@lumoava.fi) within 14 days since receiving the order
you have returned the item in accordance with the return instructions of Lumoava Shop within 14 days since the delivery of the item
• the item’s condition is the same as upon delivery and each part delivered to you is included in the packaging
• the item is packed in its original packaging

Refund for returned items

The product is refunded immediately after the returned item has been received by Lumoava and its condition has been examined, or at the latest within 14 days since the return of the order.
Lumoava Online Shop reserves the right to charge the Customer for the costs incurred to Lumoava resulting from a product return if the return has been made for reasons other than the above terms and condition.