Confirmation gifts

A confirmation ceremony is one of the most memorable moments for many adolescents. In a way it is an important rite of passage to adulthood. A confirmation ceremony is an important event for the godparents as well, and often a godparent gives a cross pendant as a gift to commemorate the confirmation day. Cross pendants are not the only great confirmation gifts. We have gathered here the selection of our cross pendants as well as some other youth’s jewellery favourites that are perfect as confirmation gifts.


Furrow, designed by Heikki Hartikainen, is one of our new collections for this spring. The collection was inspired by the rough shapes of rock in the Finnish nature. Rock represents the Finnish perseverance, stability and faith, and all those things Heikki wanted to bring in to the Furrow.

On the surface they are drawn
life’s marks etched from the start
Proof of experiences bygone
forever living on in your heart


season jewel


Precious, by Kristian Saarikorpi, is a beloved jewellery collection and has now been added cross pendants that repeat the decorative appearance of the other Precious pieces.

You see, the depths of your heart
stay as a riddle forever

season jewel

Other popular cross pendants

Path, designed by Eelis Aleksi, has a texture on it that reflects the path of life itself, a path that can sometimes be rocky and rough. The cross jewellery of the Path has been very popular as confirmation gifts. See the whole Path collection here.

Myrhh, designed by Heikki Hartikainen, is influenced by heraldry and there are two styles of crosses in the collection. The simpler cross pendant is made out of silver and the more decorative ones are golden.

Delicate, designed by Carina Blomqvist, is inspired by a butterfly and its life cycle. The collection urges us to enjoy life and be grateful of every day.

Not the most traditional cross jewellery

Not everyone wants to carry an obvious cross around their neck, and that’s okay. We do have cross themed jewellery in our selection that have the cross in them but in a more subtle way. Check out the full range of these jewellery collections: Snow White, Warrior, Brilliance, and Ranger.

Other jewellery favourites of the youth

Would you like to commemorate the confirmation day with a jewellery gift but don’t want to buy an actual cross pendant? No problem, here are some great options for you from our other jewellery collections! If a you like something about a specific piece, check out the other pieces of the same collection on the bottom of the product page.

If you want to see all of our cross jewellery, click here!

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