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Heikki Hartikainen

On a birch fork my knapsack rests,
I’m scouring a fragrant pine forest
This island descending to ripples I conquer,
that arching fell pointing skywards yonder

Our Wayfarer jewellery line is inspired by nature’s beauty. When creating this line, our designer Heikki Hartikainen thought of a forest-loving wayfarer with a thirst to explore every corner of our beautiful nature. The line’s pieces resemble a tree fork, where the hiker hangs their knapsack for a moment’s rest, only to carry on soon with their adventure. A northern wayfarer may recognise in the pieces a fell reflected on a lake’s surface.

Wayfarer encourages to explore, experience, and enjoy the moment. It is suitable for those who follow their own path, strong adventurers, or those who are still searching for their own way.

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