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Katri Niskanen

Tell it with a look, tell it with two,
watch one time, watch a few
Meet with longing, meet with feeling,
as hearts meet, feel belonging

Our designer Katri Niskanen was inspired by the beautiful silhouette of a face to create the eye-catching pieces in the Unique jewellery collection. Katri is known for integrating the artistically line sketched face in her clothing designs and wanted to also depict the dazzling motif in her jewellery designs. Faces express all of life’s joys and sorrows; they carry with them a lifetime of stories to be told and heard. Katri designed the jewellery set to bring to mind the uniqueness of each glance and encounter.

With a piece from the Unique collection, you can add an extra touch of style to your outfit or delight someone with it as a gift to convey how unique they are.

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