So sweet and gentle
it is to hold on one’s heart
You little one, my greatest gift

Sweetie has special personal importance for its designer, Carina Blomqvist. In designing the collection, including the bird characters, she was inspired by a piece of glasswork depicting a family tree that she had created. The birds sitting on the family tree were reconstructed in silver, and the idea was translated into jewellery. The Sweetie charms depict a mother bird and children, grandchildren or any other loved ones. The mother bird can signify you or your own mother.

Sweetie has been part of Lumoava’s range since Mother’s Day 2017. The collection includes the mother bird pendant with three different chain lengths, and a charm bracelet where you can collect as many charms as you like. The charms and earrings include girl and boy birds, and chains with pink and baby blue stones.