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Carina Blomqvist

In your warmth I open my eyes
and my heart

Primavera is a jewellery collection designed by our designer Carina Blomqvist. Primavera consists of two different locket pendants and earrings. For years, Carina had dreamed of creating a locket, and with Primavera, that dream came true. Carina herself remembers the traditional medallions and lockets from her youth, inside which she was able to put pictures that were important to her. Now she wanted to update the traditional jewellery to the present day and created a piece of jewellery that you don’t necessarily have to put a picture in it, but whatever is important to you; a child’s first hair curl, a grandparent’s ring, or even just a mere thought can be treasured inside the locket.

Primavera is a perfect gift for a friend or a loved one to whom you want to show your love and devotion. You can even put something cherished inside the locket before you give it as a gift. The smaller locket has space for engraving which will make your gift even more special.

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