Cherish the greatest gift with care,
love and kindness, one can’t compare
When doing right and giving one’s all,
One can stand beautiful, proud and tall.

When he was drafting Myrrh, Heikki already had the design’s name in mind. His aim was to create a simpler and more ornamental crucifix. Heikki is highly interested in heraldry, and he sought inspiration and clarity to the cross design from armoury. In the simpler design, the shapes formed at the end on the intersecting lines form shapes that are reminiscent of handles. Other than that, the design is very uncomplicated. The more decorative model also includes ornamental patterns in the cross design, and the shapes at the ends of the lines are akin to the dome of an orthodox church.

Myrrh is a great confirmation gift for a young person, but can also delight anyone who likes wearing a crucifix.