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Päivi Keski-Pomppu

From its hiding place on the pasture,
when you least expect it
A treasure peeks from the field’s edge,
hoping someone will find it

Päivi Keski-Pomppu has said her mother was a garden person through and through, and that she herself got to participate in gardening ever since she was a little girl. Whenever taking a break from this, she was always looking for four-leaf clovers in her yard. She could never find one when actually searching for it, but one might suddenly appear on her field of vision when not specifically looking. The gentle scent of clovers and green of the leaves made Päivi reminisce about beautiful summer days, her home and meadows, and she wanted to make the memories more concrete with the Lucky collection.

Lucky is a beautiful and gentle collection, whose delicate products wonderfully suit a youthful style. The pieces are excellent graduation or birthday gifts, bringing luck to the recipient.

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