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Little Seal


Little Seal

Carina Blomqvist

Whoever knows what it’s like to doubt,
hear this funny and delightful account
A seal pup saw swimming as daunting, the water was taunting
but choosing to be the star of the show
with a swish of his tail, off to splash he did go

Our designer Carina Blomqvist is known for striking animal jewellery, full of fascinating details entwining their carrier with the beauty of nature. Starting to design a new animal-themed piece, this time Carina’s sketching led her to an adorable piece of children’s jewellery, which allows her sensitive way of representing animal uniqueness to combine with playfulness. This is how Little Seal was born, flapping its tiny tail and carrying a heart, splashing its way into the hearts of the smaller jewellery wearers.

The Little Seal is a suitable gift as a first piece of jewellery for the little ones, as well as for the older children in the family.

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