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Inni Pärnänen

The shape of a boulder a wave will get
scribing its mark onto a coarse islet
Liberation, to sink in a state of emotion
by the edge of a pool most beautiful, the ocean

We all have that most cherished place which stays within our hearts throughout our lives. For our designer Inni Pärnänen it is the Archipelago Sea shore. It served as an inspiration for our jewellery line Islet, which brings forth the eternal beauty of rocks polished by water and speaks of nature’s unique ability to calm and fortify.

The Islet jewellery reminds its bearer of that most cherished place, where life’s meaningful moments are always present. The simple design of the line’s pieces brings out your own natural strength.

Islet jewellery can be gifted as milestones in a young person’s life or to a loved one as mementos of life’s meaningful moments.

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