Liki näkee tarkemmin, vaan kokonaisuus haihtuu
raamit piirtyy kauniimmin, kun perspektiivi vaihtuu

With her Frame collection, Päivi wanted to explore the mechanism and functionality of jewellery and to make the lock a crucial part of the pieces instead of the ‘necessary evil’ you try and hide behind your neck. Päivi began her design project with the bracelet, and created a lock mechanism that is an important and beautiful element in the piece on its own. The pieces in the Frame collection are structural and rugged, but also highly simplified. The necklace is a particularly dashing statement piece, and the shape of the design is easily scaled down to different sizes for the various pieces in the collection. The collection has been named directly after its design language. The clarity of the lines of the design and its dash-like shape are reminiscent of a frame.

Frame is suitable for someone who appreciates simple beauty. The pieces in the Frame collection are extremely timeless. Some of the pieces, particularly the necklace, demand a certain attitude from their wearers. In fact, the pieces in the collection make brilliant gifts for someone looking for jewellery with an attitude.

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