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Inni Pärnänen

Yearning is a dried tear, the glow of a setting sun
Endure yearning’s beauty, and happiness can be won

Inni Pärnänen got the inspiration for the beautiful shape of Elegia from time, its never-ending flow and rhythm. For Inni, it is important that jewellery has a timeless beauty, and she wished to join these thoughts into a harmonious set of jewellery. The shapes of Elegia include the symbol of the infinite. In the necklace, these symbols are intertwined, creating a new structure that gives an impression of the passing and continuation of time.

Elegia is a stylish yet bold jewellery collection whose wearers know exactly what they want from life. The pieces in the collection are perfect gifts for your wife or friend. The pieces also work excellently as an expression of gratitude to a co-worker, for instance.

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