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Carina Blomqvist

I decide to rise and show,
I will make my future glow
I know it, now I choose,
Tomorrow I cannot lose

Brilliance took form around the 2018 Winter Olympics, as Lumoava was chosen as the official partner and jewellery designer of Olympic Team Finland. Brilliance, a collection designed by Carina Blomqvist, was the official jewellery collection for Olympic Team Finland. In the following spring, we launched a jewellery collection aimed at consumers based on the design. Brilliance was inspired by stars, while are also included in the logo of the International Olympic Committee, as well as individuality and community spirit.

Brilliance is a great gift for someone who loves to engage in sports and is a fan of highly simplified design language.

For every piece in the collection sold, we will donate EUR 5 to promoting youth sports in Finland’s sports academy network.

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