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Päivi Keski-Pomppu

Not even an abyss can separate
Bound together, strengthened by
a bridge to you

In her Bridge collection, Päivi Keski-Pomppu wanted to play with an idea of two separate elements that are both joined to each other but still separate. The symbolism in the Bridge design can illustrate things such as friendship or a relationship, commitment and togetherness. For Päivi, the most important element of the piece is the empty space between the two bars, separating them. In addition to jewellery design, Päivi is interested in architecture, and the Bridge collection has been influenced by this world.

The symbolism of the pieces in the Bridge line make the pieces wonderful gifts for your beloved or someone else who matters a lot to you and who you would like to keep in your life. The pieces in the Bridge collection also make a great gift for yourself, as they have a beautifully subtle design language and are suitable for all kinds of events and situations.

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