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Eelis Aleksi

Hopefully rearing its head,
observing, bolstering its leafy bed
Reaching out for something new
having faith in a world less skewed

Created by our designer Eelis Aleksi, the delicate but impressive Blossom repeats the shape of flowers in full bloom, communicating hope, love, and faith in new beginnings. When designing Blossom, Eelis Aleksi strove to create a summery line of jewellery full of anticipation, joy, and elation. Thus began a line where you can store the important moments of your life — the happy anticipation of something new, the titillating joy of a summer romance, or the warmth of love on a wedding day.

Our Blossom line includes pieces suitable for both celebrations and moments in everyday life — choose a pendant to complement your work clothes, or a necklace to finalise your wedding style.

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