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Carina Blomqvist

My friend, my beloved
My heart whispers silently,
you’re beautiful

Designed by Carina Blomqvist, Bella is one of the most popular jewellery collections by Lumoava. The range has been produced ever since 2009. Bella is a timeless jewellery set that enchants its fans with its romantic design language. The design is highly multidimensional even through it uses the heart as its starting point. In the shapes of the design, one might see tree branches and roots, symbolising growing together and commitment.

While this jewellery collection is well suited to everyday life, it is also extremely popular as adding final touches for special events. The products in the set can crown the beautiful outfit of a bride, and any of the pieces in the line are perfect for a gift to a newlywed on the first morning of a new marriage. Bella is also an excellent gift for a beloved friend living abroad to remind them of their roots.

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