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Heikki Hartikainen

More than the eye can ever see,
deeper than the heart knows to be,
embrace that which resides inner most,
you’ll find the pearl to always hold close

Bead originates from the time Heikki designed the Kristiina set. By a complete accident, a heart was formed at the corner of the Kristiina design, and this was used as the basis for Bead. The idea for Bead was circulating in Heikki’s thoughts and desk drawers for years, until the sketches ended up back on the designer’s desk in 2018, and the final version started taking shape.

The pieces in the Bead line are beautifully delicate and are wonderfully suited to young people. While the heart shape in Bead is more traditional than the one in Hug, it is not as romantic as in Hearts, which makes it a marvellous gift for a friend, spouse or anyone else you care about.

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